When a customer walks up to your office or sits down in your restaurant one of the first things they notice is your windows.  Your windows can make a negative or positive impression and the condition of them is a reflection on your organization. Many of our commercial customers have been with us since our founding in 1998. We understand that when we are at your place of business we not only represent our company but yours too.  Our employees are trained to represent your business with a friendly smile, a hello, and special touches like opening doors when we are working near them. We always focus on safety and are insured.

     We work year round and can clean your windows one time or can set up your business to be cleaned on a regular basis so you never have to worry about dirty windows again. If you have never had your windows professionally cleaned we recommend having both the interior and exterior cleaned the first time. Start be receiving a free window cleaning estimate. You can call  us at 701-476-1019 or fill out the online request form (CLICK HERE) Either way there is never any obligation.